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PROBIOTICS 59 is the highest quality 4-year fermented probiotic supplement, handcrafted in Japan with seasonally harvested 59 organic botanical ingredients. Maximize your gut environment. Achieve better health. Experience the difference.

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59 Organic Whole Food Ingredients

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Sunlight, Soil, Water...

Probiotics 59 is produced at a pristine workshop in a beautiful rural area nestled between the mountains and the largest lake in Japan. It is crafted by the local skilled craftsmen with tremendous care, honesty and passion. Discover our story from the video below.

Vibrant Health Begins with a Healthy Gut.

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"Best thing I have done for my health this year! I feel like I am getting more out of my food as I am less hungry and my chronic stomach issues have all but been resolved."

C. Proffitt

"I have Sjogren's Syndrome and my symptoms have reduced and I'm looking forward to how I'll feel as I continue to take this amazing supplement. This gives me optimism for my health!"

Joyce L.

"The bathroom breaks have been a breeze since I started to take Probiotics 59. My search for the perfect probiotic supplement has finally ended with this one!"

Mia N.

"So much gentle care and special attention goes into the making of Probiotics 59. I do not know of a better product for improving our digestive health."

Jason S.

My period pain was gone and it made my skin glow after only 10 days of taking Probiotics 59!

Somi K.

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