My Personal Story with Probiotics 59

This is my journey to Probiotics 59.

While assisting my full time artist husband with his work and taking care of two small kids at home, we learned my father had colon cancer in 2018. 

My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3a. The anticancer medicine he started taking turned his hands and feet black, they were swollen, cracked and in pain. We were looking for a way to minimize the negative effects, for something he may take in tandem with the anticancer medicine at a minimum effective dose instead of the larger amount that was killing his body.  

His friend, the manufacturer of the probiotic supplement, provided him his own strain of probiotics to assist with this. After a few weeks the color in his hands and feet returned, the swelling decreased and his circulation improved. He continued taking the probiotic everyday and his cancer treatments when scheduled. After 6 months, he was cancer free. He still takes the same probiotic almost (!) everyday and there hasn't been any signs of the cancer returning. 

This is why I felt compelled to share this powerful probiotic supplement with everybody else in the world. I learned that this probiotic is so powerful that it could aid the body while being treated for cancer cells. Not only cancer, it is effective with all sorts of health problems such as irritable bowl syndrome to autoimmune diseases, depression, allergies, eczema and more.

This is not a magic cure but a scientific one. So many of our modern ailments stem from imbalances in our gut flora. This flora is a large cornerstone in how our bodies communicate with itself! 

Always interested in health, taking supplements, and looking for ways to increase my family's and my own health, this experience made me think that this product should be shared with more people.  I asked the manufacturer to allow me to sell this amazing product to people in the U.S. and other countries and am very proud and excited that we are finally able to introduce Probiotics 59!

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