About Us


Our mission is to provide the highest quality organic supplements available in the world in order for our customers to achieve their best life. Using only organic whole food ingredients grown outside without utilizing pesticides, our supplements are hand crafted with tremendous care and honesty without any machines. We strongly believe that taking the highest quality organic supplement is the safest and most effective way to feel your very best and realize the potential of your best health.  

Sprouting from our passion and dedication to our environment and interest in everyone’s personal health, our main product, Probiotics 59, is made without any shortcuts or fillers. Our products bring together the finest seasonal organic ingredients and the long fermentation process to create something very special.   Crafting small batches at a time, we are committed to offering genuine products of the highest quality. Ukiyo Life Organics supports organic and sustainable farming and has personal working relationships with our producers. 

Our products are proudly crafted in Japan in the beautiful countryside just outside of Kyoto, nestled between Mount Hiei (world heritage site) and Lake Biwa (the largest lake in Japan) in Shiga prefecture, where the owner of Ukiyo Life Organics was born and raised.