Q: Where are your supplements made?
A: They are made in Shiga prefecture Japan, just outside of Kyoto by the local workers. No machines are involved in any process of producing the fermented organic extract.
Q: Where are you located?
A: We are based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and our products are distributed from there.
Q: Where are all the ingredients from?
A: Most of them are grown in Shiga prefecture where the workshop is and the rest are from different parts of Japan, except rockweed (Norway), Chaga mushrooms (Russia) and organic brown sugar (Brazil). Our organic botanical ingredients are sustainably grown outside mostly by the small local farmers.
Q: How many capsules should I take per day?
A: We recommend you take at least 2 capsules a day preferably first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You can increase up to 6 capsules a day. If you take 6 capsules per day, take 3 in the morning and 3 before going to bed. 
Q: Does your probiotic supplement need to be refrigerated?
A: No need to be refrigerated. It's good for 3 years from the date of purchase. 
Q: Is it ok for a child to take your probiotic supplement?
A: Yes, a child can take our supplement as long as she/he can swallow a small capsule.
Q: Why isn't your product certified organic?
A: All of our botanical ingredients are genuinely organically grown and some are certified organic. Since most of the vegetables, fruits and mushrooms are grown at very small family-run farms in the rural areas, they don't have any means to apply for organic certification. We believe in supporting the local growers and their practices instead of relying on mega-farms utilizing unsustainable methodologies. We know our growers personally so please be rest assured all of our ingredients are organically grown!
Q: How many strains of probiotic is included?
A: There is one probiotic strain: Ito Probio®︎. It is a type of saccharomyces cerevisiae and is the only probiotic yeast available through Ukiyo Life Organics in the U.S. Unlike other companies who utilize different kinds of strains in their probiotic products, this rare and special probiotic yeast is very powerful and has a high pH value compared to other probiotic yeast and lactic acid bacteria.  There is no need to add any other strains, because the most important thing is to send as many live cultures as possible to your intestine. The quality of the strain counts, not the quantity!  This one and only probiotic yeast lives though all the acidity in the digestive system and is sent to the gut without fail due to its high ph value. Other companies try to pack in as many as they can in hopes that they survive through sheer numbers.
Q: How many CFUs (colony forming units) are there?
A: Minimum1 billions. This number may look small in comparison to the other companies' probiotic supplements boasting that their product contains 10, 30 or even 50 billion CFUs. We should all know that it's about QUALITY, not quantity. More is not always better. The truth is that most of theirs die before they reach your gut because of their inability to survive your digestive tract. That's why they try to add as many CFUs as possible banking that some of them reach your gut alive. 
Q: Do you have raw paste form of the probiotic supplement instead of capsules?
A: Yes, but we don't sell the paste form at this moment. If you are interested in the raw paste form please let us know. If we have enough interest we may be able to provide this to our customers.
Q: Is your probiotic strain certified non-GMO?
A: Yes. It has been proven by the research performed by University of Fukuyama in Japan that the fermented plant extract used in Probiotic 59 is not a genetically modified organism.
Q: Do you sell to wholesalers?
A: Yes. Please contact us for more information via Contact Us page or email us at info@ukiyolifeorganics.com.
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