Unparalleled Process

Probiotics 59 is crafted in a temperature controlled pristine workshop while classical music plays during the fermentation process! The workers wear clean work clothes, masks and inside shoes when inside the workshop.

From harvesting to packaging, it takes 4 to 4.5 years to craft Probiotics 59 which not only delivers the finest possible product, but also helps protect the environment. 

We only offer genuine and honest products without any shortcuts or cost-cutting fillers. We believe that our mission is to deliver our customers the most potent and organic possible products available in the market today.

The Fermentation Process: 4 Years From Start to Finish.

  1. Organic vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and seaweed are harvested when they are in season. As soon as each ingredient is brought to the workshop, it is hand washed throughly and carefully with clean water. (For vegetables that are grown underground, they are washed in hot water.)
  2. Each botanical ingredient is marinated in organic brown sugar slowly extracting the essence without using heat, over the course of one year.
  3. Then, the 59 ingredients are mixed together into barrels and fermented for another 3 years. Water is never added as we want the purest concentrated result! During this 3 year period, the extract is manually stirred 3 times a week to promote the fermentation process and to mature the probiotic.
  4. Classical music is played for the extract during this fermentation process. Classical music has scientifically be proven to increase bacteria and yeast growth 3-40%! We want our probiotic extract to be happy and efficacious so your health will be too.
  5. When it's matured, the finished fermented extract is carefully filtered by hand.
  6. The complete product can then be poured into bottles or condensed in capsules.